This shortcode allows you to generate table of classes taking place at the club and events organized within club. Table has two variants, one of them is a multi-week, for clubs with constant schedule. Allows you to add classes such as 3 months without having to clone them every week.

Once you add and they replicate themselves, the same day on the declared time. After generating table users are allowed to pass between weeks. Another variant is a standard week, adding classes every week, is an option for clubs that have a variable schedule. To increase the attractiveness of the options we've added quick access to information on classes, you can turn on or off. Information appears on the modal windows.

[vc_wtr_class_schedule id_schedule=”2″ version=”wtrShtTimeTableStandard” modal=”no” pdf=”no”]


with details on modal window

[vc_wtr_class_schedule id_schedule=”2″ version=”wtrShtTimeTableLight” modal=”yes” pdf=”yes”]